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I Love Art 8 - Photography Beautiful Cities in Dreamsjapanese
Photography by August Sander, Man Ray, Rene Magritte, Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, Robert Rauschenberg, Allen Ginsberg, Andy Warhol, Duane Michals, Shuji Terayama, David Hockney, Robert Mapplethorpe, Shimabuku

<Installations by>
Marcel Broodthaers, Jonathan Borofsky, Keith Haring, Olaf Nicolai, Hiroyuki Oki, Barry McGee, Ryoko Aoki + Zon Ito
Date Friday, 3rd March - Sunday, 4th June 2006
Opening Hours:
11:00 to19:00 (open till 21:00 on Wednesdays)
Closed: Mondays
Admission Fee Adult 1,000 yen / student (under 25 years) 800 yen.
(Ticket with signature is valid throughout the exhibition period.)
Cooperation Canon Inc.
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Like a city in a dream.
Like a flash of scenery.
At a moment where memory and the senses intermingle,
Feelings for the beauty is left behind.

Like a signpost or a traffic light to guide the times.
Like a portrayal or a vision of the city.
Photography, so true that one would want to look away,
Shows the mirrored heart.

As each picture in a dream is different,
Cities in the photographs vary with each person.

gI Love Art 8h
From WATARI-UMfs contemporary art collection, more than hundred photography works by thirteen artists will be shown together. Installation and visual works that become stages the city in the dreams will also be displayed. Many cities will appear, as you walk from street to street.
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August Sander>>
1876-1964 Germany
Known for his portrait series "Man of the Twentieth Century". A photographer who captured a timeless view.

Man Ray>>
1890-1976 U. S. A.
Central figure in the Dada, Surrealism, and avant-garde movements. Contributed to establishing photography to a new expression of art.

Rune Magritte>>
1898-1967 Belgium
Painter. Works that pursued gwords and imagesh brought large impact on 20th century culture.

Diane Arbus>>
1923-71 U. S. A.
Photographer who expressed the dark sides of American society through portraits of "freaks" and faces of many people.

Robert Frank>>
1924- U. S. A.
Photographer. Brought impact to the contemporary photograph world with the legendary photo collection gThe Americansh.

Robert Rauschenberg>>
1925- U. S. A.
Artist. His usage of ready-made products brought impact to the history of pop art.

Allen Ginsberg>>
1926-97 U. S. A.
Poet. An American Beat poet best known for gHowlh. Also pursued works on photographs.

Andy Warhol>>
1928-87 U. S. A.
Master of pop art. His themes of pop culture icons were received overwhelmingly.

Duane Michals>>
1932- U. S. A.
Photographer. Supernatural or dream like scenes in his works are staged out of his daily lifestyle.

Shuji Terayama>>
1935-1983 Japan
Poet, play writer, and active in different fields. Formed the experimental theater group gTenjo Sajikih, and promoted the avant-garde movement.

David Hockney>>
1937- England
Artist representing England. His pop and detailed images receive wide popularity.

Robert Mapplethorpe>>
1946-1989@ U. S. A.
Photographer. Expresses integrating elements of photography and painting through flowers, nudes and portraits of celebrities.

1969- Japan@
Artist. Reads context out of the history of the terrene, and produces art work that tells a new story.

Marcel Broodthaers>>
1924-76 Belgium
Expresses extraordinary delicacy and irony using familiar materials. Showing visual works with three-dimensional installation.

Jonathan Borofsky>>
1942- U. S. A.
Produces works that seem comical and unreal, but hides condensed social issues or human propositions. Showing gI Dreamed I Found a Red Rubyh

Keith Haring>>
1958-90 U. S. A.
Graffiti artist who emerged out of East Village in early 80fs and immediately became world renowned. Showing documentary of his visit to Japan in 1983.

Olaf Nicolai>>
1962- Germany
Work focuses around man-made nature, acquisition and life design. Showing gShibuya / Street Lightsh, a work based on his experiences in Tokyo.

Hiroyuki Oki>>
1964- Japan
Visual artist. Experiments on gwork-in-progressh techniques. Film showing gsuper total making loveh.

Barry McGee>>
1966- U. S. A.
21st century graffiti master, with tag name TWIST. His works theme around people living on the streets. Showing documentary of his visit to Japan in 2000.

Ryoko Aoki + Zon Ito>>
1973- , 1971-@ Japan
Exhibited gZon Ito gat WATARI-UM in 2003. Itofs works are full of distinctive humor and received much attention. Showing animation film work.

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August Sander,
Unemployed Sailor,

Man Ray,
City, 1931

Rune Magritte,
The Recompensed Virtue,

Diane Arbus,

Robert Frank,
New York City,

Robert Rauschenberg,
Celling with Light Bulb,

Allen Ginsberg,
One day August 18,

Andy Warhol,
His Holiness Pope John Paul U,

Duane Michals,
Chance Meeting,

Shuji Terayma,
Shanghai Letters,

David Hockney,
Lawn With Sprinkler,

Robert Mapplethorpe,
Seif Portrait N.Y.C.,

With Birds at Dawn,
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I Love Art 8 - related events

Photography workshop
Throw Away Your Books, Run into the Streets! - with a camera

In this workshop, we will learn the basics of digital camera that we seem to understand.
By taking a camera you will experience a new way of walking the streets, a different discovery for each of us.
This work shop will attempt to find a new way of communication through the camera such as portrait shooting.

Date: (select preferred date)
25th March (Sat) street shooting 1
15th April(Sat) street shooting 2
22nd March (Sat) street shooting 3
13th May (Sat) portrait shooting 1
20th May (Sat) portrait shooting 2
each session:13:00 - 16:00
Meting time/place: 12:45 at WATARI-UM.

Lecturer: Noriaki Imai
Participating Fee: 2,000 yen (prior booking necessary)
*Digital cameras will be prepared by the museum. (Canon Power Shot A620)
*Will be taking home original postcard created from the photos.

*Prior booking is needed.
Fill in the application form and fax to: 03-3405-7714, then deposit participating fee to the bank account stated below.

Click for application form
*For bookings and details contact: WATARI-UM, The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art.@@(Tel: 03-3402-3001@e-mail: official@watarium.co.jp)
Bank transfer account: Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Aoyama branch, ordinary savings account 1033281, account holderfs name: Watari Museum of Contemporary Art
e-mail: official@watarium.co.jp