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Date Saturday, 14th Oct. 2006 - Sunday, 28th Jan. 2007

Opening Hours:
11:00 to19:00 (open till 21:00 on Wednesdays)
Closed: Mondays (except on 4th, 11th, 18th Dec. and 8th Jan.)
(closed during New Year Holidays from 31st Dec. to 3rd Jan.)
Admission Fee Adult 1,000 yen / student (under 25 years) 800 yen.
(Ticket with signature is valid throughout the exhibition period.)
Organizer WATARI-UM, The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art
Exhibiting Artists Misaki Kawai (Japan, U.S.A.)
Taylor McKimens (U.S.A.)
Sponsor Shiseido Co., Ltd.
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Things which are old
Things which are worn-out
Things which melt
Things which are almost collapsed
Things which are already crushed
There are wonderful things around us

Misaki Kawai

As a kindergartener I made a large sand mountain
When it couldnft get higher, I dug a tunnel
Then another from the opposite side
When the tunnels connected, water was drawn to make a river
Then roads were built and finally a town
By then, my hands were muddy and slushy

Watari-um Museum is pleased to present the exhibition, "BORORO DORODORO SHOW - Return of Japanese Subculture" by Brooklyn based artists, Misaki Kawai (born in Osaka, 1978) and Taylor McKimens (born in Seattle, 1976).
The art scene in the United States was lacking spirit for a while, but recently works of the street-subculture artists are attracting public attention. Their generation experienced movement of psychedelic and Japanese Heta-Uma comics in their childhood.
These two artists, Misaki and Taylor, are the ones who emerged from such movement and seem to go beyond that.

Misaki Kawai graduated from art school in Japan and lives in New York after traveling around Asia. Her use of cheap materials such as cardboard and rags for her work may come from her childhood surroundings, hand made dolls by her mother, and pop and junk life in the United States. There are rooms with a swimming pool and a Karaoke set in her new installation "Space House" where her friends and herself appear in the houses as if they were characters in comic books.

Motifs of Taylor McKimensf art works are melting cactus hanging from an electric wire, huge chewing gums that look like mass of muscles, scenes of typical American backyard he spends his days, and so on. There is a grotesque man standing, wearing a Tupperware on his head. Everything has melted all over. He is an artist of the new generation who stretches his imagination by being absorbed in comic books rather than going to art museums.

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Misaki Kawai
Born in Osaka, 1978. Graduated from Kyoto College of Art. Works shown at P.S.1 MOMA, Deitch Project, and around U.S. and Europe. Lives in New York.

Taylor Mckimens
Born in Seattle, 1976. Grew up in a small town near the borders between United States and Mexico. Works shown at P.S.1 MOMA, Deitch Project, solo exhibition gDay Old Breadh at Clementine Gallery NYC in 2003. Lives in New York.

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Misaki Kawai


Taylor Mckimens

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Curated by Misaki Kawai & Taylor McKimens
Exhibition & Drawing Party
"HETA-UMA & Underground Summit Japan/U.S.A."

Japanese and U.S. artists selected by Misaki and Taylor will be displayed every two weeks at the B1 floor ON SUNDAYS (bookstore + cafe). Misaki and Taylor will group them in themes. This for the audience to feel the strong links between what is happening in Japan and in U.S.

First period: 13th Oct. to 26th Oct.@gHETA-UMAh Group
@Donald baechler
@Teruhiko Yumura (King Terry)
@Ben Jones
@Chris Johanson
@Yoshikazu Ebisu
@Amy Lockhart
@Yusaku Hanakuma
@Brian Bellot
@Ma Sekiguchi

Second period: 27th Oct. to 9th Nov.@gHENTEKO Pop & Psychedelich Group
@Suzy Amakane
@Matt Leines
@Mimiyo Tomozawa
@James Franklin
@Paper Rad
@Hironori Kikuchi
@Yusuke Gunji
@Hisham Bharoocha
@Yuichi Yokoyama

Third period: 11th Nov. to 23rd Nov.@gPunk & Visual Noiseh Group
@Gery Panter
@Renton Doyle Hancock
@Man Gataro
@Brian Chippendale
@C.F. (Christopher Forgues)
@Takashi Nemoto
@Tomoo Gokita
@Joe Grillo
@Yuka Goto

Drawing Party

Umai, hayai, yasui (good, quick and cheap), the all-star artists will unfurl a dream live drawing show.

Drawing party by the artist of the "HETA-UMA & Underground Summit Japan/U.S.A." with Misaki and Taylor. It is a live drawing tournament where participating artists draw in rotation on a single paper. Gushing energy of cat-and-dog fight. A must see for aspiring artists and creators.

First session: Saturday, 14th Oct.
Second session: Saturday, 28th Oct.
Third session: Saturday, 11th Nov.

Venue: ON SUNDAYS B1 Book Shop
Time: 20:00 - 22:00
Admission Fee: 1,500 yen (3,500 yen for 3 sessions.) including one drink / session.
For tickets and details contact: ON SUNDAYS@Tel: 03-3470-1424

Limited publication: "HETA-UMA & Underground Summit Japan/U.S.A. White Book"
Xeroxed and stapled, the fastest handmade art publication of the "HETA-UMA (some UMA-UMA)h artistsf works will be produced. Everything at the "HETA-UMA & Underground Summit Japan/U.S.A.h will be there. For your permanent collection. Tentative price 2,000 yen. Limited 100 editions.

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Lecture by Misaki and Taylor
Neo American Underground Artists
Slide introduction of active artists in U.S. by Misaki and Taylor as Opening Talk for their show.
Saturday, 14th Oct. 2006 17:00 - 18:00
Venue: WATARI-UM, The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art
Free admission with valid exhibition ticket. (reservation necessary.)
Contact: WATARI-UM, The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art. Tel: 03-3402-3001

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e-mail: official@watarium.co.jp