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Date     Jan 30,2010[SAT.] → May 16[SUN]
         Hour: 11:00 - 19:00 (11:00-21:00 on Wednesday)
Closed     Mondays (except March 22, May 3)
Entrance Fee Adult 1000 yen, Student under 25 years old 800 yen,       
         available throuout the exhibition

Organizer/  WATARI-UM, The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art
 Venue    3-7-6Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
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和多利浩一 (ワタリウム美術館)

When I heard John was no longer performing I felt cast adrift,
Imagining that peculiar world of his falling silent.
Later I learned that in place of music he was concentrating on his painting.
I'd seen graffiti casually scribbled off in his NY studio,
But when I first saw one of his 'proper' works,
It struck me that his mode of expression as an artist may have changed,
But the same freewheeling innocence, chaos and beauty of his melodies was still there.
Tears welled up in me.
There's something inspiring about the world portrayed by John Lurie.

Nagase Masatoshi (actor)


I first met John Lurie at DNA's final gig at CBGB in New York.
Out of the blue he demanded I introduce him to a Japanese girl.
I came across John when he was modeling for the Comme des Garcons show in Paris, for which I was asked to select the music.
Out of the blue he informed me that he knew some much cooler tracks.
If he comes up to me at this show at the Watari-um in Tokyo and out of the blue demands I buy his pictures, I guess I'll just have to.
Monthly installments, of course.

Kuwahara Moichi (music producer)


Musician and actor.
In the '80s, few individuals typified New York hip as much as John Lurie.
Multitalented, stylish, the epitome of grownup cool.

And when he turned to painting, his work here too was intense and idiosyncratic. 
This upcoming exhibition of Lurie's drawings is timely, and a most pleasant surprise indeed.

Towa Tei (musician)

Dear John Lurie
I don't imagine you know
Just how much I long to be free

Yanai Michihiko (creative director)


To be honest, I wasn't sure what to make of them.
Lurie's vibrant world, rendered as if on an instrument
Is like our lives: racing ahead, with no way of knowing when they will stop.
It felt to me we were being warned:
Carry on this way and you'll come to no good.

KiKi (model, actress)

Thank you God,
For showing us these good pictures.

Ohashi Ayumi (Publisher of Arne magazine, illustrator)

I've found a new rival!

Nakahara Masaya (musician, novelist)

John Lurie
Born in Mineapolis
he formed his band “The Lounge Lizards”

He is also known as an actor “Stranger than Paradise” ”Down by Law” ”Mystery Train” by Jim Jarmusch.

1990 s ”Fishing with John” was the first TV program which he wrote, directed and starred in.
2006年 During last 20 years he has been doing painting, drawing and sculpture for his illness and had some exhibitions in NY and other cities. Some of his works are permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art.


The Invention Of Animals

This Painting Stands For Goodness

My Brain No Good

The Spirits Are Trying to Tell Me Something
But It's Really Vague

Man's Hands Have Turned Into Forks. Don't Trust Him.

This Is What I Really Call A Message

The Sound Of One Indian Clapping



出演:大友良英 飴屋法水 山川冬樹
大友良英はNHKのテレビドラマ『白州次郎』等の音楽をやったかと思えば、山口のYCOMでの展示を発展させ稀に見る実験的な『ENSEMBLES 09 休符だらけの音楽装置』を各地でゲリラ展開、今後もこれは場所を変えながら続く模様。








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